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The company is run by professional locksmiths, which together have over 50 years of experience in the lock industry. When you engage the lock experts in your city are you confident that you are getting a locksmith with substantial competence and skills that keep appointments? Available through the 24-hour on-call all year round. Our customers are both private individuals and companies.

24-7 Fast Locksmith service is your established locksmith and at the same time the best solution when you need help urgent: we provide all the traditional services as an experienced locksmith, lock openings, burglary damage, code lock, etc., but we are also on site emergency, at only a few minutes when you need help with your locks immediately! We know that our customers can't always wait and offer immediate assistance.When in a pinch, you can count on 24-7 Fast Locksmith .

Residential Locks

Our long experience makes us well placed for everything from installing advanced access control system to lock opening and låsbyten. We cater both to individuals and to businesses. Call us when it locked up. Professional and fast unlock service when you need it. On-call open all hours.

Auto / Car Locksmith

To become an auto locksmith is a trade that is pretty special, but not terribly difficult to get into. If you work hard, you're good with mechanical tools and you find that you are intrigued by the locks and security mechanisms, then you've met those basic, physical conditions. Where you go with your interest from this point is up to you, but there are two major strategies that will ensure your training as an auto locksmith.

Although by far the newer of the two methods to become a auto locksmith, is undergoing a certification course also the easier method. Certification courses for General Locksmithing is often taught in technical or vocational schools, and they will require you to attend classes and earn a diploma. These courses usually must certify you as a general locksmith, but part of the training will focus on automotive locks and security systems. Once you have earned your certification, you can try to get a position as an automotive locksmith and increase your skills through practice, or you can try to get an apprenticeship with a more experienced locksmith.

Apprenticeship Technically you don't need to go through any training to become an apprentice, but if you already have some basic training, you are one up on the competition. A professional auto locksmith can choose to bring you on board as his apprentice. You will probably get very low wages and get stuck with much grunt work, but you will learn a craft from a professional. When you have absorbed all the knowledge and training you can, you can become a journeyman, which means that you will then have the opportunity to go out and work on your own as an auto locksmith (or more likely as a locksmith with a specialization in automotive locks).

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